Here are frequently asked questions about the two applications from this website and release notes below. Both videos on the Home page also contain a lot of information so please watch those if you are having trouble.

Ministry Maps App FAQ

Ministry Maps Editor FAQ

URL is not accepted

If it is not a shortcut, check to make sure the URL starts with 'http://www.'

Check you have an internet connection.

If it is a shortcut, restart the app and wait 30 seconds before pressing download.

If it points to a .json url used by Ministry Maps 2.0 this is no longer supported and you will have to use the Ministry Maps Editor.


Error finding .zip file?

Check URL or if using a .mmaps file, make sure both .mmaps file and .zip file have the same name.


Clicking on map shows empty screen

Download may have faulted or old data remained.

Choose in the settings to delete all app data (or re-install the app), and retry. Make sure maps are in .jpg or .png format.


App crashes when opening map

Most likely the map is too large for the device or it is low on memory. Watch the Editor video for notes about filesize.


Importing map notes skipped some maps

This will only happen if your individual map filenames are the same

Google Chrome says installer is dangerous

It is because the file has had few downloads. On the bottom downloads bar click the small arrow and select 'keep'.


Windows Smartscreen/Defender/Antivirus blocks installer

It is because Windows sees the installer file hasn't been digitally signed. This is due to $300/yr cost for digital signing and as this program will always be free the cost can't be justified.

To get around it, click 'More Info' and then 'Run Anyway'. After installing it will run without warnings.


Loading a .zip folder mixes old information up

Press reset to renew all information/connections.


After uploading a new .zip or .mmaps file to the internet, my device still downloads the old info?

It can take time for the server to update your files due to browser caching. Wait for 15mins-1hr and it should be copied over. NOTE: This has been fixed in the 3.4.3 release of Ministry Maps.

Ministry Maps app release notes

Ministry Maps Editor release notes

Version 3.4.8 - 08th April 2018

Fixed big issue with DNC's where the app would not update DNC's.

Changed DNC's  to black and bold font. Fixed text wrapping, scrolling.

Fixed error where on updating app it would lose directory link to files.

Updated and tested filenames with extensions .jpg, .JPG, .jpeg .PNG file and .png. All worked.

Added a percentage to show when downloading/updating maps.

Software update fixed issue where tapping on corner of iPhone wouldn't register (affected map rotate arrow).

Fixed error where app could crash opening map with drawing.


Version 3.4.5 - 06th October 2017

-Minor bug fixes

-Made demo maps built-in


Version 3.4.3 - 04th October 2017

-Bug fixes

-Added drawing tool to Lite version

-Fixed bug of password typing not visible

-Support for custom box numbering

-The last used map has gray border

-Updated settings+fixed notes import/export - more efficient too

-App now checks for map updates on startup

-Resolved browser caching when downloading maps


Version 3.4.1 - 12th September 2017

-Rewritten code-base to be more flexible and stable

-New URL download, supports Dropbox URL

-Changed JSON importing to .mmaps to allow greater customization with Ministry Maps Editor

-New notes tool

-New drawing feature with color/eraser/size

-New settings tool including: import/export notes,

automatic map updates, PIN feature, save drawing on map,

show last used map, show last used date on map,

ability to swipe through maps

-Search-bar to find text in map titles+user added notes

-Notification system featuring inputs

-DNC display

-Debug mode

-Removed landscape view, added rotate arrow instead

-Replaced .json support with .mmaps


Version 2.0.0 - 26th October 2016

-Allowed custom maps to be downloaded

-New design, basic notes/drawing

-Horizontal and Vertical layout

-Exported to iOS/Apple


Version 1.0.0 - 15th July 2015

-Android only .apk for locked-in set of maps

Version 0.2.2 - 17 January 2019

-Added a feature to import a .csv file for map keywords (upload button next to keyword field). It overwrites current keywords. Format is 'map name, keywords'.

This tool can help generate .csv's:

-Fixed bug where clicking delete DNC could sometimes delete the wrong one


Version 0.2.1 - 22nd March 2018

-Fixed program crash when adding new map section

-Stopped needless re-ordering of entire system when clicking Arrange, this makes it faster.


Version 0.2.0 - 17th March 2018

-Added a config.ini file in install directory. Used to change some settings. See guide.

-Added config option to sort maps numerically: sortMapsAlphabeticallyOnImport=0 (1 by default)

-Fixed glitch where textboxes in save area crashed app

-Rewrote code to import DNC's with a CSV file. Increased speed by 8,846%. It also now keeps them in the same order that the user wrote them in CSV.

-Option for user to delete or save his existing DNC's when importing a new CSV file.

-Fixed when changing map DNC wouldn't scroll to the top

-Fxed Editor didn't save/load custom box text when importing a .mmaps. (You will need to export a new .mmaps for this to work)

-Automatic numbering on .mmaps load is now an option in config file: resetMapNumberingOnMmapsImport=1 (0 by default)

-Automatic DNC sorting is turned off and option in config file: sortDncAfterEditing=1 (0 by default)

-Fixed error when importing .mmaps file without .zip folder

-Took out references to .json

-When editing a DNC, user can now press enter=ok, escape=cancel

-Added into config file deleteAllDncOnStartup (0 by default) which once set to 1 will delete all DNC on all your maps. Quick way to delete them all without reloading .mmaps/.zip.



Version 0.1.8 - 03rd October 2017

-Add textbox to allow custom or auto box numbering

-Added vertical window resizing

-Bug fixes


Version 0.1.7 - 18th September 2017

-Fixed bug when importing CSV file for DNC


Version 0.1.6 - 07th September 2017

-Windows only program used with Ministry Maps

-Supports loading .zip file and updating it with new .zip file, automatically detects changes

-Automatically saves information

-Exports and loads .mmaps file which is used for Ministry Maps mobile app but also to load in previously entered data

-Reset feature to clear everything

-Arrange room to set sections and map positions, also delete maps

-Edit room to change display name, add/delete DNC's as well as option to import/export them in CSV format, add invisible search keywords, zoom and pan on map

-Preview window

-Export options including Allow DNC button to be visible, Custom PIN required, password needed when downloading map set