Ministry Maps is created by a brother in New Zealand who works as a web developer, to help publishers access congregation maps on their devices.
Originally developed for the one congregation in 2016 it was re-developed as a ‘container’ app, allowing congregations all across the world to use it.

Extra features were added over time, such as the option to add Do Not Calls and Not at Homes on each map.

The most recent change was to move the map management method to a web-based app to allow editing on any device and operating system. Working solo on the project it has taken 2 years to create and release this latest change.
Another change was to merge the two mobile apps – a free and a paid one – into one free one, taking the cost away from publishers and who may not have set up payment methods on their devices.

Ministry Maps will always be free to use since it is associated with theocratic activities.
However due to costs of hosting a website, paid software used, maintaining app developer licenses and the large number of hours spent working on Ministry Maps, congregations can subscribe to a yearly Pro subscription which brings a few extra benefits but mainly helps to cover costs from the project.

Who should use Ministry Maps?

The Online Editor is designed for a map brother to manage a congregation maps. Group overseers can also be added as admin to add NH’s/DNC’s. The mobile app is designed for publishers to download and view the territory maps.

Can you create new maps for our congregation?

No, Ministry Maps just uses existing maps. There are brothers who have set up websites to create maps such as Territory Helper.

Why not merge the Online Editor with the mobile app?

Development would take a lot longer and some features aren’t possible on the mobile app.